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Your questions about the battery, power and range of your electric bike

How does an electric bicycle work?

The electrically assisted bicycle is a hybrid vehicle that combines the energy of the cyclist with that of an electric motor. The operation of an electrically assisted bike is similar to that of a fully mechanical bike. To start, you turn on the power (and choose the desired level) with a button or key depending on your model and then you shift gears as you would with a regular bike.

Are your electric bikes sold with their charger?

Yes, all bikes are sold with the compatible charger.

Does a battery that is several years old still work?

From a theoretical point of view, a battery can last more than 500 charging cycles before a significant loss of autonomy, that is to say 30,000 to 50,000 km covered before reaching 80% of its capacity. In practice, you can therefore reach more than 20,000 km without difficulty. If you want to know a little more about how we manage batteries, you can check out our blog post "How to recondition a bike battery".

If I buy an electric bike with the battery under the carrier, does that prevent me from putting a baby carrier on it?

The presence of the battery does not generally prevent the installation of a child seat. Please note, however, that some specific child seats (e.g. seat tube attachment) can sometimes present difficulties. In order to be sure, we invite you to tell us the reference of the bike you are interested in as well as the reference of the child seat you already have/considered so that we can make sure of the good compatibility. Please also note that the load capacity of some carriers (usually 25kg) is usually reduced by the weight of the battery (usually 4kg), which reduces the remaining payload (child seat + child). Again, please let us know the bike number so that we can check the characteristics of the carrier for you.

What is the range of an electric bicycle?

The autonomy of your electric bike will depend on several factors such as the assistance mode chosen, the type of route, the weight on the bike, the pedalling rate, the quality of your tires, the weather conditions... However, here is the average autonomy per type of battery: for 500 wh you will be able to benefit from an autonomy of about 80kms on your electric bike, with 400 wh you will be around 60 kms while for 300 wh, you will be around 40 kms.

What power to choose for an electric bike?

The European legislation for an electrically assisted bicycle stipulates that the motor must be 250 Watts maximum. The motor must stop at 25 km/h and stop as soon as you stop pedaling.
The motor torque is between 15 and 85 Nm depending on the electric bike model. The higher the motor torque, the easier it is for your electric bike to climb hills:
- A healthy person can easily ride on flat urban terrain with a torque of 20 Nm
- To ride on slightly sloping areas, you need at least 30 Nm
- For a medium effort, a torque of 40 Nm allows you to maintain good physical conditions
- If the objective is to feel the pedaling force as little as possible, the torque will have to be at least 50 or 60 Nm
- If you have a large load and a relief on the route (e.
- For a MTB in the mountains with steep slopes, a torque of 70Nm or more is necessary

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