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Protect your electric bike everywhere, all the time.

Insure your bike with our partner 

Would you like to protect your bike against the unexpected? Choose the level of coverage that's right for you when you buy your bike.


Theft and damage can be obstacles to regular cycling. With our insurance, your bike is repaired or reimbursed at its purchase value.


Just a few clicks are all it takes to add your bike to your basket and declare your claims online. Our teams are there to support you at all times.


No deductible and no obsolescence. You manage your contract as you wish: it is not automatically renewed at the end of the first year.

What's covered


Theft and breakage

Theft by assault, break-in (in the street, at home...) or smuggling

Bicycle refund at purchase price

Reimbursement in the event of theft of fixed accessories purchased at the same time as the bike

0€ deductible, no depreciation in the value of your bike

Cancellation possible within 30 days

Property damage caused by accidents, vandalism, animals or natural events

Reimbursement of the cost of repairing or replacing your bike

Main exclusions


Theft and breakage

The bike was stolen when it was not secured to the frame with an approved padlock.

Wheels, tires, battery and accessories if stolen separately

Cosmetic damage or damage to accessories


Frequently asked questions

Subscription and contract life

Can I insure my bike after buying it on Upway?

No. For the moment, you can only insure your bike by adding coverage against theft and/or breakage to your shopping basket, at the same time as you purchase your electric bike.

Can I pay monthly?

At present, it is not possible to pay your insurance monthly. However, you can choose to pay in instalments (from 2 to 4 times free of charge, or up to 10 times with charges) with our partner Alma.

Is the contract automatically renewed at the end of the first year?

No, your contract is for a fixed period of one year. It will not be automatically renewed. However, at the end of the first year, you can choose to extend your contract if you wish.

Where can I find and manage my contract?

Once you've taken out an insurance policy, our partner Evy will provide you with access links to your customer account. From this platform, you can view the details of your contract, manage it and declare a claim if necessary.

Can I cancel my insurance contract?

For a period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date of enrolment, you may cancel your enrolment, no questions asked. You will then receive a full refund of the insurance premium.

Can I change any part of my contract?

Some elements of the contract can be modified: please contact us at to discuss them together.

What if I return my bike during the trial period?

Don't worry: if the bike doesn't suit you and you want to return it before the end of the trial period, we'll automatically cancel your contract and refund you the purchase price. To find out more about the trial period, we invite you to read our Help Center page dedicated to delivery and returns.

Who is Evy?

Evy is an insurance broker and Upway's insurance partner. Evy is based in France and operates throughout Europe.
For you and your bike, Evy will be your point of contact in the event of damage or theft, and will take care of repairs or compensation. You can contact Evy at, or directly at

Covering and protecting your bike

How does the insurance differ from the Upway warranty?

Although rare, there are three types of problems you may encounter following the purchase of your electric bike on Upway:

  • Electrical failure or mechanical defect: this is linked to premature wear of a structural component (motor, battery, controller, frame defect, etc.) and prevents you from being able to use your bike.
  • Breakage: major material damage caused by an accident, act of vandalism or natural elements (flood, fire...) which also makes it impossible to use your bike.
  • Theft

Breakdowns are covered by Upway's one-year warranty. Breakage and theft are covered by the optional purchase of theft and/or breakage insurance when you purchase your bike from Upway.

Is my insurance valid abroad?

Yes, you're covered worldwide.

Are the battery and controls on my electric bike covered against theft and damage?

Yes, the battery and controls are covered against theft if they were stolen at the same time as the bike. They are also covered against damage.

Are batteries and accessories covered against theft and damage?

Batteries and controls are covered against theft, if they were stolen at the same time as the bike. They are also covered against damage.

Accessories are covered against theft if they were stolen at the same time as the bike and were both :
  • Attached to the bike: this includes, for example, a luggage rack, pannier or basket, lights... However, accessories such as a helmet or pump are excluded from coverage.
  • Already present on the bike at the time of purchase, or purchased simultaneously with the bike on Upway: in the latter case, they must be mentioned on the same purchase invoice as the insured bike in order to be reimbursed in the event of theft.

Are motor and battery wear and tear covered by insurance?

Wear and tear is excluded from the warranty and therefore not covered by insurance. 

What do I have to do to be covered against theft? Do I need a special anti-theft device?

Your bike must be attached to a fixed point on the bike and locked with an approved padlock belonging to one of the following categories: 

- Type U anti-theft device over 12mm
- Chain diameter equal to or greater than 7mm.
- Folding anti-theft device with a thickness of 5mm or more.
- BOA anti-theft device with a diameter equal to or greater than 25mm.

As soon as you become aware of the theft, and within 5 working days at the latest, you must report the loss on our partner Evy's platform. You must lodge a complaint with the appropriate authorities regarding the theft of your insured bike. Evy will ask you for the police report of the theft.

Does my bike have to be permanently attached to be covered against theft?

Yes, your bike must be secured cumulatively: (i) by the bike frame, (ii) to a fixed point, (iii) with an approved anti-theft device. 
If your bike is parked in a secure, locked area (e.g. a bike room in your building or the garage at home), you don't need to secure your bike.

Does my bike need to be marked?

Yes, when you buy your bike from Upway, we are legally obliged to mark your bike. We use the ultra-strong, approved Bicycode® label to register it in your name in the Fichier National Unique (Unique National File), so that it can be returned in the event of theft.
If you have taken out insurance against theft and the bike is stolen, we will reimburse you for the purchase value of the bike, and ownership of the bike and its unique code will be transferred to our insurer.

Are bodily injuries covered in the event of an accident?

No. The insurance only covers damage to the bike: bodily injury is not included.

Make sure you get speed bikes?

We don't currently offer insurance for speed bikes.

Is there a waiting period before insurance coverage begins?

Cover takes effect 20 days after the date on which you signed the contract.

Reporting and managing a claim

How do I report the theft or breakage of my bike?

If your bike has been stolen, the first thing to do is lodge a complaint with the police. This is a mandatory step. You can fill in a pre-complaint on the Internet and, at the end of the procedure, arrange an appointment with an agent on a date of your choice.

Then simply click on "Report a claim" in your personal space on the Evy website. There, you can follow the steps to provide Evy with all the necessary information (including proof of your complaint to the police if your bike has been stolen). Remember to provide as much information as possible about the circumstances of the theft, to make it easier to process the claim.

If I make a claim, what happens next?

Your claim will be processed by Evy and, if approved, will be handled as follows:

  • Stolen bike: you will be indemnified for the purchase value of the bike, with no deductible. All accessories attached to the bike and purchased at the same time as the bike will also be compensated at their purchase value. This compensation is conditional upon transfer of ownership of the bicycle to the Insurer.
  • Broken bike: you will be put in touch with Evy's repair partner, to arrange an appointment. Evy will pay for all damages included in your contract directly to the repairer, and the repair partner will inform you if there are any repair costs that will be charged to you due to non-warranty items, prior to carrying them out. If your bike is not repairable, you will be compensated at the purchase value of the bike, excluding accessories.

Is there a limit to the number of claims I can file?

There is no limit to the number of claims, but the total compensation for the various claims cannot exceed the purchase value of the bike.

How are benefits calculated?

In the event of theft, Evy will use your purchase invoice to calculate compensation.

In the event of breakage, Evy will pay the repairer directly. In the rare event that you live too far from Evy's repair network, you can use a local bicycle repair shop: the repair estimate must be sent to Evy for approval and as proof for calculating compensation. You must not proceed with repairs until Evy has approved the repair estimate.

Is there a franchise?

No. Unlike other insurance policies, your contract does not include a deductible. This means that the amount of compensation you receive in the event of a claim is not deducted from a fixed amount.

Is a depreciation rate applied to the value of my bike purchased on Upway?

No. Unlike other types of insurance, the value of your bike does not decrease over time. So in the event of theft, you'll be reimbursed the purchase price of your Upway bike, and not a penny less!


Mandatory marking of your electric bike

Bicycle marking or identification has been mandatory since July 1, 2021 for used bikes purchased from a professional. This obligation also applies to bikes sold by online retailers, including Upway. There are several approved identification operators: we use Bicycode®marking technology, a pioneer in France in this field. 

The aim of the scheme is to enable law enforcement agencies to return stolen bikes to their owners, and to combat fencing and illegal resale.

How much does bike marking cost?

The price of the label and its fitting in our workshop is €9.90. As marking is a legal obligation, the Bicycode will be automatically added to your basket and glued to the electric bike's tube during order preparation.

How do I register my bike?

When we prepare your bike, we affix an ultra-resistant Bicycode label to the frame, containing the bike's unique identification number. This technology is resistant to tearing, weathering, water, UV and high-pressure washing.

At the time of shipment, we take care of the formalities for registration in the unique national file by entering the Bicycode number, your contact details (surname, first name, email address and telephone number) and the bike's description.

Once you've received your bike, you'll receive an email from Bicycode to finalize your registration and check your personal details. You'll also be able to download your bike's identification or marking certificate.

What happens if I turn the bike over?

Once the bike has been returned to our workshop, you will receive an email from Bicycode allowing you to hand over ownership of the marking affixed to the bike.

I haven't received the email to access my personal space: what should I do?

Don't hesitate to contact us by email or chat if you have any problems locating the label or registering on the Bicycode website.

Do you still have questions?

Contact us by email:

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