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Cannondale electric bike

Cannondale is an American bicycle manufacturer, known worldwide for its innovation and quality. The brand has become a reference in the bicycle industry, especially with its racing and mountain bike models.

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Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remix
Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remix
2020 1ft55" - 1ft70" 202mi

1,199.00 € 2,099.00 € neuf

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2
Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2
2022 1ft65" - 1ft80" 1702mi

1,199.00 € 1,799.00 € neuf

Cannondale Mavaro Active H53
Cannondale Mavaro Active H53
2021 1ft75" - 1ft90" 9422mi

1,449.00 € 3,300.00 € neuf

Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remix
Cannondale Treadwell Neo 2 Remix
2021 1ft70" - 1ft85 52mi

1,799.00 € 2,599.00 € neuf

Cannondale Trail Neo 4
Cannondale Trail Neo 4
2022 1ft82" - 1ft90" 402mi

2,149.00 € 3,099.00 € neuf

Cannondale Mavaro Active
Cannondale Mavaro Active
2023 1ft75" - 1ft90" 46mi

2,199.00 € 3,399.00 € neuf

Cannondale Trail Neo 3
Cannondale Trail Neo 3
2023 1ft70" - 1ft85" 656mi

2,499.00 € 3,799.00 € neuf

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3
Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 3
2022 1ft75" - 1ft90 < 5mi

2,599.00 € 3,599.00 € neuf

Cannondale Trail Neo 3 Remixte
Cannondale Trail Neo 3 Remixte
2022 1ft62" - 1ft72" 265mi

2,599.00 € 3,285.00 € neuf

Cannondale Habit Neo 4+
Cannondale Habit Neo 4+
2021 1ft60" - 1ft85" 1260mi

2,599.00 € 5,499.00 € neuf

Cannondale Trail Neo 3
Cannondale Trail Neo 3
2022 1ft82" - 1ft90" < 5mi

3,099.00 € 3,799.00 € neuf

Used Cannondale electric bikes, refurbished by Upway

The Cannondale bike brand is known for its often surprising creations, but taken over by many other manufacturers. For its electric bikes, the brand has chosen to join its know-how to that of equipment manufacturers like Bosch. Objective: to create an EAB combining design, reliability and durability. Discover our range of Cannondale electric bikes and enjoy the performance and performance and battery life that this brand offers.

Cannondale reconditioned ECVs: a wide choice of models

Upway refurbishes Cannondale electric bikes: a brand with products as innovative as they are iconic. The bike manufacturer has built a reputation for reliability and durability: it is a leader in American know-how. It is known for its design of carbon frames and MTB . 

Cannondale has leveraged its expertise to develop a range of e-bikes for different types of use, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, fitness bikes and urban bikes. The manufacturer has succeeded in creating electric bikes that offer a pleasant riding experience and optimal performance. It also pays special attention to battery life and accessories that make life easier for cyclists, such as racks, mudguards and lights lights.

Today, Cannondale electric bikes are appreciated for their quality, reliability and versatility, whether for daily commuting, sports outings or escapades dedicated to the mountains.

Used Cannondale electric bikes are a great alternative for those who want a quality EV at an affordable price. 

The Cannondale electric bike, for what type of use?

Cannondale declines its standard bikes in electric version in its range of VAE baptized "Neo". We find there as well electric city bikesas well as electric mountain bikesand electric MTB electricas well as electric road bikes. Most Cannondale used electric bikes are powered by Bosch, a brand known for its quality.

Cannondale designs a very wide range of bikes to meet all the needs. We can find gravel bikes with the Topstone Neo range and especially the Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty: bikes designed for a practice halfway between road and MTB, perfectly adapted to bike-packing and adventure.

Although Cannondale does not design a range of women's electric bikes, you will still find several models adapted to women's morphology at this manufacturer. These include electric bikes with low frames, which are easier to climb, such as the Cannondale Adventure Neo 1 VTC. The models for women can also offer a saddle more adapted to their morphology. 

How to choose your reconditioned Cannondale electric bike?

To choose your reconditioned Cannondale electric bike, it is important to take into account several elements. First of all, determine the use you will make of it: daily commuting, long rides, sports outings, etc. Then, check the battery life by looking at its capacity in Wh. The higher the capacity, the longer you can ride without recharging.

The weight of the bike is also important, especially if you will be transporting it regularly. Finally, don't forget to check the quality of the equipment, such as the saddle, wheels and brakes, to make sure they suit your needs and comfort level.

For those who love mountain biking, Cannondale designs electric bikes with wide tires for better grip and a suspension system adapted to rough terrain. Finally, for your daily commute, choose a Cannondale electric bike adapted to urban trips, light and easy to handle.

The different models of Cannondales electric bikes

The Cannondale e-road range includes a variety of electric road bikes, including the Cannondale SuperSix Evo Neo, Cannondale Topstone Neo and Cannondale Topstone Neo SL. They are suitable for asphalt roads and designed to handle all the climbs and descents. They are designed to provide speed, efficiency and comfort. The Cannondale Supersix Evo models are lightweight electric road bikes with Shimano shifting and a motor that offers up to 100 km of range. 

If you are looking for a refurbished MTB electric, turn to the Cannondale range e-mountain. These MTB modern bikes (some of them dedicated to the mountain) are equipped with a revolutionary suspension technology. The brand refers to them as all-terrain bikes for mountain bikers who really love MTB ! Cannondale has also dedicated an entire line to trail riding with the Cannondale Trail Neo electric bikes. These are rugged semi-rigid VTTAEs, with a Bosch motor offering up to 124 km of autonomy for the best performing model, and a 100 mm travel suspension fork. If you are looking for an enduro VTTAE, the Moterra Neo range is the one to look for.

For a city EV, Upway recommends the Cannondale e-urban used electric bikes, with the Cannondale Adventure Neo, Cannondale Mavaro Neo or Cannondale Tesoro Neo SL EQ ranges. Their goal: to make your lifestyle easier thanks to the performance of their motorization. 

The new Cannondale Treadwell Neo is an electric bike that is part of the e-fitness line, which includes city bikes with a sportier look. Underneath its classic bike look is a Hydrive motorization with a range of 75 km, ideal for effortless riding in complete freedom. 

The best Cannondale used electric bikes

Among the best used Cannondale electric bikes to find reconditioned at Upway is the Cannondale Quick Neo EAB. This high end electric top of the range has a Bosch Active Line Plus motor and a 500 Wh battery integrated to the frame. It can travel up to 100 km in complete autonomy. Marketed new from 3 800€, it can be found for a small price in a reconditioned version.

The Cannondale Tesoro Neo SL EQ electric bike is another VTC with more accessories for the city, including a luggage rack. Lightweight and versatile, it assists you in all your daily commutes, in the city and in the country. It is available with a low frame, for a Cannondale electric bike for women or men, but also with a high frame. Its Mahle motorization allows you to benefit from a range of up to 75 km. The price of this Cannondale electric bike is 2 600€ new. The low weight of this bike (only 16,95 kg) makes it also usable without electric assistance.

Finally, the Cannondale Mavaro Neo 5+ was much talked about when it was released in 2021. Described as a "revolution bike", it belongs to the e-urban range. This high-end EV is at ease on roads and paths. It has a very open aluminum frame, a Bosch Active Line Plus motor with 50 Nm of torque and a 625 Wh battery, for an exceptional autonomy of up to 120 km! Its HeadShok fork smoothes out the bumps and provides the most comfortable ride possible. Its wheels are equipped with tires Schwalbe Big Ben.

The price of a Cannondale electric bike

Cannondale electric bikes are positioned in a fairly wide price range, reflecting the diversity of models and features offered. This is also in line with the brand's commitment to offer solutions that fit the needs and budget of every cyclist. Overall, Cannondale is in the mid to high end of the market and offers products high quality products at competitive prices.

The price of an entry-level Cannondale electric bike is around $1,500. However, more advanced and specialized models, such as high-end electric mountain or road bikes, can reach significantly higher prices, justified by the quality of the components, performance and additional features.

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