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How to choose an electric-assist bicycle?

It 's true, choosing an electric bike is a little more complicated than choosing a classic muscle bike. We'll help!

Electric bike motors: types and tips

It's possible to convert your bike into an electric bike! After all, when you love your bike and feel good on it, why change?

Bicycle gifts: Original and practical ideas

Would you like to give a gift to a cyclist, but really have no idea? Don't panic, Upway gives you 10 gift ideas!

Protecting yourself from the rain when cycling: tips and equipment

How to protect yourself from the rain when cycling? How do you cover up when cycling? Here's our advice on how to stay dry!

The best speedbikes 2023

Speedbikes, also known as speed pedelec or speedelec, are still relatively unknown in France.

The best electric road bikes 2023

The best electric road bikes are, unsurprisingly, marketed by the most prestigious brands: Trek, Lapierre, Cannondale, Giant, BMC, Cube ...

Top 10 best cargo bikes

The electric cargo bike is a very popular solution for transporting children to school, shopping or parcels.

Electric bike with long range

The autonomy of an electric bike is often one of the first criteria of choice when buying a VAE.

Conversion from Classic to Electric Bike

When you've got a bike in good condition, converting it to an electric bike may seem an interesting solution. From an economic point of view, it saves you having to buy a new one.

Is it necessary to remove the battery on an electric bike?

An essential part of your gleaming bicycle , the battery must be used in the right conditions to prolong its life...

Debriding your electric bike: Complete guide

Debriding involves modifying a bike's electrical system to increase its maximum speed. A practice that raises many questions...

Top 10 best electric VTCs

To help you find your way around, we've selected 10 all-terrain electrically-assisted bikes considered to be the champions in their category!