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Electric speed bike

With electric assistance of up to 45 km/h, speed bikes are faster and more powerful than traditional AC bikes.

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What is a speed bike?

Attention: Speed Bikes are considered as mopeds by the legislation. They must be registered and insurance is mandatory. We will provide you with the necessary documentation to register your bike in your name.

The electric speed bike is also called speed pedelec. The electric speed bike goes up to 45 km/h and thus allows you to cover greater distances in a given time. The power of the engine is 350 Watts or even 500 for some and makes it enter the category of mopeds with motorization of less than 50cc.

As for the VAE, the electrically assisted bicycles, they have a maximum authorized speed of 25 km/h for a 250 Watts motor, the maximum authorized in Europe, including for the MTB electric.

Visually, a speed bike looks like a classic electric bike with a seat, handlebars, brakes, crankset, derailleur, frame and wheels. Its style is close to that of a VAE of city bike type, VTC (mountain bike) or road bikeFor the majority of electric bikes in any case.

Who is the speed bike for?

An electric speed bike is intended for drivers over 14 years old and holding an A, B or AM license (formerly BSR). It is more for people who need to move quickly, rather than those wishing to practice a leisure activity. 

The fast electric bike, for what type of use?

Ride your speed bike for long distances without any problem! A speed bike is ideal if you need to travel between 10 and 20 km, whether in the city or in the countryside. It is a versatile, fast, ecological and economical mode of transportation. 

Indeed, according to a report by the ADEME (Agency for the Environment and Energy Management), over a period of 10 years, for a 30 km round trip made 3 to 4 times a week, the average cost would be 0.16€/km against 0.74€/km with a new diesel car. That's a lot of savings in the long run!

The speed pedelec requires very little physical effort and also allows you to avoid the problems of traffic jams and parking. 

Speed bike, the VAE adapted to urban traffic

Speed bikes are the urban bikes par excellence. With a speed of 45 km/h, a speed bike can easily get through city traffic, and because of its manoeuvrability, it reacts with agility to get out of blockages, traffic jams or when overtaking, unlike a scooter. The speed conferred by the electric assistance is modulable as on an electric city bike and depends only on you. The autonomy of the lithium-ion batteries of electric bicycles in general allows you to make many journeys.

Mopeds or electric bikes: what's the difference?

With its pedals, handlebars, derailleur, motor and battery, the speed bike is indeed an electric bike on which you have to pedal to move forward. Nevertheless, in the eyes of the law, it must respect the legislation of mopeds, because it is classified in this category. It must be said that with its rear view mirror, its license plate and its horn, it borrows many typical codes of scooters!

Transform your bike with a speed bike kit

It is possible to electrify a classic bike, but also to give it even more speed thanks to an electric speed bike kit. The latter contains a motor exceeding the 250 W of a traditional EAB. It is authorized to make your bike evolve in this way, but keep in mind that beyond a motor power of 250 W or 25 km/h of assistance, it becomes a speed bike and thus enters the category of mopeds in the eyes of the law.

Speed bike: what is prohibited and mandatory

The law considers speed bikes as mopeds, which requires users to respect certain obligations and avoid certain practices. Speed bikes must therefore comply with the legislation for mopeds under 50 cc. Here is an overview of the do's and don'ts of riding your little pedal bike. 

The obligations in speed pedelec

Wearing a helmet is mandatory when riding a speed bike, unlike other electric bicycles. The helmet must be an ECE2205 approved helmet, i.e. a motorcycle helmet! However, some manufacturers have developed helmets specifically for speed bikes. Of course, your helmet must be fastened. In case of a helmet infraction, it is possible to receive a fine of up to 750€ and to have 3 points taken off your license. Gloves are the other compulsory accessory of the outfit, as for the helmet, you need homologated gloves: namely motorcycle gloves as defined by the EN13594:2015 standard.

The seller must provide you with a certificate of conformity attesting that your speed bike is approved. The authorized spare parts are only those listed in the certificate of conformity. It must be registered (it is necessary to count 50 to 60€ for the registration of a speed bike) and thus have a grey card. It is also necessary to have an electric bike insurance speed bike dedicated and a sticker affixed on the fork or its fender.

Speed bike prohibitions 

In the eyes of the law, the speed bike must respect the legislation of mopeds, since it is classified in this category. This closes the access to the bicycle lanes and contraflow dedicated to bicycles, as expressed in the Highway Code: "the lane or the strip is exclusively reserved for two or three-wheeled cycles" (article R110-2 of the Highway Code). By exceeding this rule, you expose yourself to a fine which can go up to 150 € and an immobilization of your speed bike. You will have to ride on the road alongside cars and other motorized vehicles. In speed pedelec, equipment such as the baby seat are also forbidden.

What are the technical requirements for speed bikes?

When designing speed bikes, manufacturers must follow certain rules. Thus, these speed bikes must be equipped with at least a front low beam and a stop light at the back. Your license plate must also be illuminated and you must be able to check your speed at all times on a monitoring tool such as a speedometer or a screen.

You must also find on your speed pedelec an EEC approved rear view mirror, placed on the left side. It must be equipped with two braking devices whose controls must be independent, as well as a stand to be able to be maintained with the vertical one when it is parked. It must also have a horn, similar to that of a motorcycle. The tires of a speed bike must be homologated to run at a speed of 45 km/h, so it is not a question of tires of classic bikes.

Finally, since the purchase of a bicycle of this type is not trivial, it is strongly recommended to opt for one or two lockseven if they are not mandatory.

Which insurance for speed bike ?

As previously mentioned, the electric bike insurance is mandatory for a speed bike. The monthly budget is between 10 and 50€, because as for all insurances, there are different types of contracts and guarantees. The minimum compulsory coverage is for your civil liability.  

But, if you wish to be better covered in case of an accident on a speed bike, it is also possible to add a personal guarantee for the driver, which allows to cover your bodily injuries in case of disability or death. You can also opt for breakdown assistance, property damage coverage, theft and fire coverage, terrorist attacks, etc.

The best speed bikes 

Several manufacturers of electric bikes have entered the market of electric speed bikes, among them we find for example Kalkhoff, Moustache, Cube, Cannondale, Trek, Gazelle and Haibike.

Among the most popular models is the Kalkhoff Endeavour 7.B Excite 45 speed bike, known for its excellent riding comfort. This fast electric bike is equipped with a telescopic fork, a Bosch Performance Line Speed motor and a 625 Wh battery. Very well equipped to allow you to move around the city as well as in the countryside, it has a luggage rack, among other things.  

Travel long distances on a French speed bike from Moustache. The Moustache Friday 27 FS Speed is specially designed for speed bikers. It is powered by a Bosch Performance Line Speed motor with a torque of 85 Nm and its autonomy is ensured by a PowerTube battery of 636 Wh, allowing to achieve up to 81 km. 

The Trek Allant+ 8S is a fast electric bike with the same battery and motor as the two models shown above. It is designed for cyclists who need or want to cover long distances quickly, without burning out. With its sporty look, it is fully equipped to face the city: integrated front and rear light system, mudguards, rear rack and 27.5" rigid wheels...

What is the price of a speed bike?

Because of its technical characteristics, the price of a speed bike is high. It is therefore necessary to plan a budget ranging from 2 000€ to more than 7 500€ for the most high-end models. The solution to buy your electric speed bike cheaply : opt for second-hand models or reconditioned models.

Why choose a reconditioned speed bike?

The first reason why cyclists turn to a reconditioned model is of course to be able to afford a cheap speed bike. Indeed, reconditioning allows you to buy your EAB 20 to 60% cheaper. 

What is reconditioning? It is the fact of refurbishing a product that has already been used, in order to offer it a second life. In addition to saving money, this gesture is also ecological.

Speed bike reconditioned by Upway

Upway reconditions a wide selection of electric bikes for you, including speed bikes. We carefully select each of the speed bikes we resell and all of them go through a thorough inspection and reconditioning by one of our professional mechanics. 

Upway electric bike reconditioning consists of 4 steps: mechanical and electronic inspection, mechanical repairs, electronic repairs, final adjustments and final inspection. After that, all structural elements (frame, battery, motor and electronics) of your electric speed bike are guaranteed for one year.

Are there any incentives for buying a speed bike?

Speed bikes are not eligible for the bike bonus. Indeed, this government bonus does not apply to two-wheelers whose engine power exceeds 250 W. The conversion bonus, awarded when an old vehicle is scrapped, also excludes speed bikes. 

On the other hand, several cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants offer financial aid to help you buy your electric bike and some of them include the purchase of a speed bike. This is the case in Nice, where the amount of the subsidy, capped according to the applicant's reference tax income, can reach 400€. So don't hesitate to ask your city for more information, a subsidy for the purchase of your speed bike may be available. Upway offers several speed bikes eligible to these subsidies.

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