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Orbea electric bike

Famous in the world of professional cycling, the Orbea electric bike represents the Spanish-style electric bike, with many technological innovations.

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Orbea Gain F10
Orbea Gain F10
2020 1ft80" - 1ft95" 512mi

1,299.00 € 2,499.00 € neuf

Orbea Keram 30
Orbea Keram 30
2023 1ft65" - 1ft80" 974mi

1,599.00 € 2,499.00 € neuf

Orbea Keram 10
Orbea Keram 10
2020 1ft65" - 1ft80" 1095mi

1,599.00 € 2,799.00 € neuf

Orbea Keram 30
Orbea Keram 30
2022 1ft75" - 1ft88" 990mi

1,699.00 € 2,499.00 € neuf

Orbea Keram 27 30
Orbea Keram 27 30
2022 1ft60" - 1ft75" 742mi

1,749.00 € 2,499.00 € neuf

Orbea Keram 10
Orbea Keram 10
2021 1ft65" - 1ft80" < 5mi

1,999.00 € 2,899.00 € neuf

Orbea Wild HT 30
Orbea Wild HT 30
2020 1ft70" - 1ft85" 2029mi

2,149.00 € 3,699.00 € neuf

Orbea used electric bikes

Orbea is a Spanish brand that has been manufacturing bicycles since 1930. It made its name in the Tour de France with a stage victory in 1937. Since then, the brand has continued to collaborate with the world of professional cycling. Its electric bikes bring together all its know-how and its sense of detail. 

The specific features of an Orbea electric bike

Orbea manufactures electric bikes, which Upway reconditions for you. The brand from the Spanish Basque Country offers its ebikes through several ranges, dedicated to the practice of electric city bikeand all-terrain electric bikebut also for electric mountain bike. All of its EAB models are made in Europe. Orbea is known for using the latest technologies to design electric bikes that are more efficient, more durable and more pleasant to use.

Quality equipment

Orbea uses Ebikemotion, Mahle or Bosch motors on several of its electric bicycle models. These motors are light and compact, yet powerful. Orbea's EABs also have batteries built into the frame, designed to provide high autonomy. 

The Spanish manufacturer also equips its models with pedaling sensors. They measure the force applied to the pedals and determine the level of assistance in pedaling needed in real time. Orbea ebikes also have intuitive and easy-to-use handlebar controls. 

Regular innovations

To continue evolving for almost a century, Orbea has always relied on regular innovations, and its electric bikes are no exception. Each new model is the subject of extensive research and testing. The manufacturer has worked particularly hard on thebattery autonomy of its EABs, especially with the release of its Orbea Rise model. The latter is made with the "RS Concept" developed by Orbea: it contains a 360Wh RS battery, which offers a similar autonomy to a 540Wh battery.

The RS Concept fulfills Orbea's ambition to develop a lightweight electric bike with a fully integrated system that blends seamlessly into your cycling experience. The electric assistance supports the rider according to his or her pedaling rather than sending all the power at once. The result: a very natural riding experience!

Refurbished Orbea ECVs: expert awards for bikes

Orbea is well known among professional cyclists and puts all its experience at the service of its EABs. The Orbea Gain electric road bike, known as one of the lightest electric bikes on the market, has won several awards. 

The prestigious American magazine Outside awarded it the "Gear of the Year" (product ), describing it as "the future of ebikes" and calling it "the most advanced road bike". The German magazines GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine, E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine and ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine gave the Orbea Gain gravel bike the Design & Innovation award, describing it as the electric bike that "will change the lives of many cyclists". 

Battery life of an Orbea electric bicycle

To increase the batteryTo increase the battery autonomy, Orbera also integrates on several of its models a "range extender": a feature that allows to add an additional battery and thus increase considerably the autonomy of the EAB.

Some Orbea electric bicycles are even equipped with an energy regeneration system, which recovers energy during braking or deceleration. This energy is then stored in the battery and can be used to extend the range of the EAB.

How to choose your used Orbea electric bike

To choose the right Orbea electric bike, it is important to consider several factors, including the bike's intended use. For city use, a model with light electric assistance and comfort equipment (luggage rack, mudguards, etc.) is recommended. On the other hand, if you plan to explore more rugged terrain or take longer rides, you should opt for a model with more powerful assistance and a longer range. 

It is also important to consider the size and geometry of the bike frame. The frame should be adapted to your size and shape to ensure a comfortable and efficient ride. Orbea electric bikes are available in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of cyclists.

Orbea electric bike for women and Orbea electric bike for men

It is called "electric bicycle for women"An electric bike for women is a bike with features and specifications adapted to the female body type. Thus, on these models, the frames are generally lower to facilitate the striding and the geometry adapts to the average size of women. Indeed, compared to men, women generally have shorter legs and narrower shoulders. The saddle is also wider and shorter than that of men.

Strictly speaking, you will not find an Orbea electric bicycle for women or an Orbea electric bicycle for men. Instead, the manufacturer offers customization tools to adapt its models to the comfort of the cyclist for whom they are intended. You can choose a lower or higher frame, with different geometries and customizable colors.

The different versions of an Orbea electric bike

Make way for your electric bike! Here is an overview of what Orbea offers and the most popular models in each category of EAB. 

Orbea electric city bike

Electric city bikes are intended for city use, on roads only. For the city, we recommend the Orbea Katu-E model. Its 20" wheels are ideal for optimizing city driving. This electric city bike can carry up to 30 kg of luggage, distributed over its two baskets (front and rear). It is equipped with the Bosch Active electric system. Its ergonomics are designed to easily adapt to the size of each user, making it an ideal Orbea electric bike for women. The Orbea Katu offers a natural, easy and comfortable ride. The choice of gears is made by means of the shifter. It is equipped with a Shimano transmission and offers quality braking thanks to its hydraulic disc brakes.

There is also the Orbea Optima model. Very comfortable, it is equipped with a powerful motor and a battery from Mahle. Weather resistantIt is designed for easy riding in urban areas: front and rear lights, kickstand, anti-theft system... Orbea has left nothing to chance!

Orbea electric mountain bike

In the range of electric mountain bikes, Upway recommends the Orbea Kemem models. They are designed for daily use in the city as well as for riding on dirt roads. Depending on your needs, they come in different ranges: Kemem All-Use, Kemem Asphalt, Kemem MTB or Kemem-SUV. 

The Orbea Kemem-SUV model is equipped with a powerful Shimano EP8 motor and a 540 Wh battery, capable of providing pedaling assistance for 5 hours straight! It is available with different frame shapes to accommodate both genders and your preferred riding position. It also includes a luggage rack that can accommodate a child seat and panniers. This electric trekking bike can take an additional battery to add 252 Wh to its initial range.

MTB electric Orbea

To face any terrain, even the most difficult, Orbea electric MTB are your allies. Among the used Orbea electric bikes reconditioned by Upway, you can find the MTB Orbea Wild. Equipped with a powerful Bosch Performance CX Cruise motor, a Bosch Powertube 500 Wh battery and Shimano brakes for quality braking, it has a smart design and a sophisticated suspension to take on any terrain, even the roughest. Its shifter lets you choose from 11 speeds.

Orbea electric road bike / Orbea electric racing bike

The electric road bike Orbea is designed for long-distance road riding at lightning speed. With its slim tires , light weight and curved handlebars, you can tackle the steepest hills with ease! The Orbea Gain D50 electric racing bike rethinks the limits of a top-level road bike! It has the lightest assistance system on the market today. It has a 248 Wh battery and a rear wheel motor that provides up to 40 Nm of assistance in total discretion. With its sporty riding position, its quality braking and its powerful motor, it assists you during all your long distance rides!

Why choose a refurbished Orbea electric bike?

An Orbea electric bike is a product top-of-the-range bike, not only because of its equipment, but also because of the quality of its manufacture. Buying a reconditioned Orbea electric bike allows you to pay 20 to 60% less. However, you can still enjoy an ebike in near-new condition, thanks to the work of specialized mechanics. 

Choosing a reconditioned bike is not only a way to buy a cheap electric bike. It is also an ecological approach, since it gives a second life to an object that still has the potential to be used for many years by a new owner. 

What is the reconditioning process for our Orbea electric bikes?

Upway has established a reconditioning process for its used for its used Orbea electric bikes. First of all, each EAB is analyzed by a specialized mechanic according to 20 precise inspection points, which include electronic and structural parts, as well as consumables. This step allows us to verify that there is no structural damage on the bike, and also to make a list of repairs and replacements that need to be made.

Then comes the phase of repairing and changing the parts that need it. Then, our mechanic goes on with the electronic repairs. Finally, before being put up for sale, each bike reconditioned by Upway goes through a derailleur and brake adjustment. It is then cleaned and inspected one last time before being put up for sale. 

All the structural elements of your used Orbea electric bicycle purchased from Upway are guaranteed for one year: frame, battery, motor and electronics.

How to maintain your Orbea electric bike

An Orbea electric bike is not much different to maintain than a classic bike. It requires the same regular maintenance cleaning, lubrication of the transmission and inflation of the tires. You should also check the wear of the transmission elements (chain, sprockets, chainring), cables, brake pads, and the tightness of the various elements.

In order to maintain the autonomy of the Orbea electric bicycle battery and prolong its life, we recommend that you take special care of it. If you do not use your EAB for a long time, remember to remove the battery and store it in a dry place, with a temperature between 10 and 20°C. Be careful when handling it: a shock can damage it irreversibly. 

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