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Trek electric bikes: hybrid and ultra-light VAEs and VTTAEs

Trek is an American bicycle brand that has made innovation its leitmotiv. Today, it is one of the best brands in the world.

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Trek Verve +1
Trek Verve +1
2022 1ft60" - 1ft75" 516mi

1,599.00 € 2,299.00 € neuf

Trek Verve +1 Lowstep
Trek Verve +1 Lowstep
2022 1ft60" - 1ft75" 2550mi

1,649.00 € 2,599.00 € neuf

Trek Powerfly 4
Trek Powerfly 4
2021 1ft70" - 1ft85" 4424mi

1,899.00 € 3,399.00 € neuf

Trek Powerfly 5
Trek Powerfly 5
2020 1ft88" - 1ft95" 401mi

2,249.00 € 3,425.00 € neuf

Trek Powerfly 5
Trek Powerfly 5
2020 1ft65" - 1ft80" 1924mi

2,399.00 € 4,700.00 € neuf

Trek Rail 5 Gen 2
Trek Rail 5 Gen 2
2022 1ft75" - 1ft90" 2253mi

2,549.00 € 4,899.00 € neuf

Trek Powerfly FS 9 Plus
Trek Powerfly FS 9 Plus
2019 1ft70" - 1ft85" 2380mi

2,549.00 € 5,499.00 € neuf

Trek Allant 8
Trek Allant 8
2021 1ft80" - 1ft95" 453mi

2,649.00 € 4,299.00 € neuf

Trek Powerfly Sport 7
Trek Powerfly Sport 7
2020 1ft65" - 1ft80" 2341mi

2,799.00 € 4,200.00 € neuf

Trek Powerfly FS 7
Trek Powerfly FS 7
2022 1ft60" - 1ft75" 1671mi

3,649.00 € 6,499.00 € neuf

Trek E-Caliber 9.6
Trek E-Caliber 9.6
2022 1ft55" - 1ft70" 461mi

5,099.00 € 6,899.00 € neuf

Trek E-Caliber 9.6
Trek E-Caliber 9.6
2022 1ft70" - 1ft85 6mi

5,449.00 € 6,899.00 € neuf

Trek used electric bikes

"Why aren't any high-performance bikes made in the United States?" Trek was born in 1975 while searching for the answer to this question. Today, it presents itself as the world's No. 1 manufacturer of high-performance bicycles. The American manufacturer designs ultra-lightweight hybrid electric bikes that you can ride anywhere, regardless of your physical condition.

Who is the Trek electric bicycle for?

Trek's electric bicycles are EABs that cater to all types of cyclists, from beginners to professional competitors, and are effective on all types of terrain. The American manufacturer entered the electric bike segment in 2010 with the release of its first model, equipped with a BionX electric motor. 

Trek electric bikes are considered high-end in terms of quality and performance. However, the brand has also launched a line of refurbished electric bikes, which are more affordable. It is also worth noting that Trek offers a lifetime warranty on its bike frames. Trek's EABs are designed for a variety of riding experiences ranging from city riding to mountain trails to bike paths.

Trek Women's Electric Bike

Trek offers a range of electric bikes for women. These models are adapted to women's morphology. In particular, they take into account the differences in height, weight and body shape between men and women. They are also equipped with specific accessories, such as comfortable saddles, ergonomic handles and adapted frames, to guarantee optimal riding and maximum comfort and efficiency.

Trek's electric bikes for women come in electric city models, electric MTB , electric mountain bikes and electric road bikes. They have powerful motors and batteries to provide efficient pedaling assistance on all types of terrain.

Why choose a Trek electric bicycle?

When you choose a Trek electric bicycle, you are choosing an American brand known for the quality of its bikes and the technological innovation that goes into them. Trek is a company that focuses not only on cycling, but also on the creation of quality and innovative products . That's why development is so important to the company, which regularly adds new features to its bikes. 

The American manufacturer equips its EABs with efficient and reliable motors, delivering excellent pedaling power. You will find on your used Trek electric bike a quality motorization with Bosch, Fazua or Hydrive motors and batteries. 

Trek offers a wide range of e-bike models, so that everyone can find the right one for them: from the practical city e-bike, to the high-performance MTB electric bike, to the road bike designed for racing. 

Finally, Trek is a brand that is committed to several causes and organizations whose goal is to make cycling a good thing for our planet and for every person on it.

How does a Trek electric bicycle work?

Like all other EABs on the market, the Trek electric bike is powered by a pedal-assist motor and battery. The motor is activated when you pedal and allows you to easily reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, with little pedaling effort. Once you've reached that speed, the motor switches off automatically. You can adjust the intensity of the electric assistance to suit your needs.

Your Trek electric bicycle battery must then be be recharged at regular intervals, depending on how much energy you use and how often you ride your electric bicycle. Nothing could be simpler: simply connect the battery system to a mains socket, using the charger supplied. A few hours are all it takes to regain full autonomy.

How to choose your Trek used electric bike

Upway reconditions several models of used Trek electric bikes for men and women. To choose your ebike, make sure it is adapted to your body type. Indeed, depending on your height, you will have to choose a frame with a different height. Also take into account your needs, especially in terms of autonomy. Ask yourself what the average length of your trips will be and how often you will need to recharge your bike's battery. Finally, to be sure you are buying the right model of used Trek electric bike... define precisely the use you want to make of it (bike-tafing, leisure, sport, etc.) and the type of terrain you plan to travel on (road, paths, etc.).

Trek electric VTC

The electric mountain bikes or "all-terrain electric bikes" are the perfect VAE for mixed use of your ebike, between the urban environment and country lanes. These two-wheelers combine comfort and efficiency. They are often well equipped (mudguards, luggage rack). Among Trek's most popular models is the Trek Verve+ electric bike: a hybrid bike equally at home on roads and trails. Its relaxed geometry offers an optimal riding position on different types of terrain. Depending on your preference, the frame is available in standard or gooseneck versions, for easy straddling. Trek's Bosch-powered electric bike is available in several models, all with Bosch transmissions that naturally amplify your pedaling power. All Trek Verve+ models feature an aluminum frame and a battery specially designed for long rides, up to 120 km on the most advanced models.

MTB electric Trek

The MTB electrically-assisted bike is perfect for sportsmen and women who want to go further, higher and faster on outings over rough terrain. Trek VTTAEs regularly win awards and are included in the lists of the best electric MTB . Upway particularly recommends the VTTAE Trek Powerfly FS. This MTB full-suspension bike features a soft suspension system that absorbs jolts. It has an aluminum frame, a long-life 625 Wh battery and a powerful 250 W Bosch Performance CX motor with 85 Nm of torque. The Trek Powerfly FS won E-mountain Bike Magazine's Best in Test award.

The MTB electric Trek E-Caliber has been named best VTTAE 2021 by Outside Magazine. It is also the winner of Bicycling magazine's 2021 E-Bike Awards. This is Trek's lightest full-suspension VTTAE, with a total weight of 15.5 kg. It's equipped with an exceptionally smooth Fazua Evation internal drivetrain, capable of assisting you continuously for 70 km! Every MTB Trek E-Caliber features an efficient IsoStrut shock absorber, designed by the brand itself. As for the control system, it couldn't be simpler: this top-of-the-range model is equipped with Fazua's brand-new bX control box. This is a touch-sensitive system that allows you to switch quickly and intuitively between the three assistance modes.

Trek 45 km/h electric bike

If you're in a hurry to get to your destination, and find it hard to leave your car behind for long journeys (between 10 and 20 km), opt for a Trek 45 km/h electric bike. a speed bike ! These electric bikes are not quite like the others. While the motorization of a traditional VAE doesn't exceed 25 km/h, the speed bike can easily reach almost double that. But beware: they are considered as mopeds in the eyes of the law, and must therefore comply with the relevant legislation (insurance, helmet use, etc.).

Trek designs speed bikes, including the Allant+ 8S: this Trek electric bike can go up to 45 km/h. This high-performance bike is designed for cyclists who want to go faster. It's equipped with an ultra-powerful Bosch Performance Speed motor and a Bosch PowerTube 625 battery compatible with the Range Boost system. This technology, developed by Trek, allows you to add an additional battery that can double the range of your VAE.range of your VAE !

Trek electric racing bike

Racing bikes, also known as road bikesare designed to race at lightning speed over long distances. They're easy to recognize by their curved handlebars and sleek look. Electric assistance enables cyclists to cover longer distances or climb the most vertiginous mountain passes with greater ease. Trek's most popular electric racing bike is the Trek Domane+ LT. This is the American manufacturer's lightest electric road bike (13.7 kg). It features a carbon frame and top-of-the-range Fazua drivetrain, offering an ideal level of partial assistance. As an effective shock absorber, the IsoSpeed dampens shocks to perfection.

Where can I buy a Trek electric bicycle?

It is possible to buy a Trek electric bicycle from an authorized dealer. There are dozens of them in France. Upway also offers used Trek electric bikes in reconditioned versions. These have been meticulously inspected by our specialized mechanics and then restored to near new condition. The 20 mandatory checkpoints allow us to review all the components of the electric bikes we receive, and to change all the parts that require it. In addition, you get a one-year warranty on the battery, motor and electronics of your bike.

What is the price of a Trek electric bicycle? 

Trek electric bikes are high-end models, with a starting price of around €2,000. Thus, the price of a Trek electric bike easily rises to several thousand euros for the most advanced models. 

In 2020, however, Trek launched a new line of refurbished electric bikes, called "Trek Certified Refurbished." This line allows customers to purchase refurbished electric bikes at an affordable price, while having the assurance that the bikes have been tested and verified by Trek technicians. This is part of Trek's commitment to making electric bikes more accessible to all riders.

Finally, if the price of a Trek electric bike seems out of reach, don't hesitate to turn to a reconditioned model. Upway offers a wide selection of used Trek electric bikes. These models are reconditioned by us and sold for 20 to 60% less than new! Bonus: some models are eligible for subsidies. Enough to buy a Trek electric bike for less!

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